Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Famitsu, 5/23 post of Kojima interview.

With MGS4 almost out, Famitsu has a short interview with Kojima on the development of 4 and the future of the series. Of course, preorders are available for the US version, Japanese version, Japanese LE, and Japanese LE PS3.

(Hamamura) MGS4 is finally complete. Congratulations.
(Kojima) No, really there's two or three days left (as of 5/1.) Since this time is a simultaneous worldwide release, there was a lot to do.
(H) Since it's a worldwide release, will there be multiple languages?
(K) Unfortunately, no. From the beginning, we had planned on including them, but even with a dual-layer Blu-Ray, it's stuffed full, so the Japanese version will have only Japanese. For the North American version, we had planned to include Spanish, but unfortunately, it was cut. Even though we promised it at a Spanish event four years ago...
(H) I'd imagine you didn't expect to run out of space at this point.
(K) It's a good feeling to think you don't have to worry about space. When CD-ROM came along, too, we were so happy we fit everything on, but later it gave us fits.
(H) Hahah. Just finish these last few things, and it'll feel like you're finally done, right?
(K) The young staff is full of people with that feeling. Right now, we just have to up the master, double-check it, and confirm a release date, so everyone's getting ready for a vacation, and the workfloor is quiet. With me heading off for promotional events, and everyone getting ready for the next project, I can't really call it a break, though. Well, I was relieved, but I guess every time it's over something new to worry about springs up. When I said "Metal Gear Solid is over", I didn't expect everyone's response to it, so what should I do, and so on. I guess I have to think about MGS5...
Well, Snake's story finishes here, in MGS4, but.
(H) I see... Well, you certainly were nonchalant there for such a major thing.
(K) I don't think so. The "Metal Gear Solid" will continue, even if I leave the company, won't it? But, for MGS5, I think it absolutely must be made by Kojima Productions.
(H) I'd imagine the fans are just as convinced of that as you are. Please, make it for us!
(K) I kind of have to at least handle it, as producer. But, in the end, I want to leave the producer position to someone else as well. I want to have the next generation make a new MGS. As long as it's an action game with a sneaking mission, I think I'll be fine with wherever it goes. But, Snake is retired.
(H) I see. This is the end of Snake, isn't it? How was it?
(K) Some of the staff were deeply moved by it. But I didn't really care.
(H) Eh!? Didn't care?
(K) Well. I could say I didn't really care about -that-, but since an ending equals a beginning, I've already moved on to the next worry. The thing I worry about the most is that the fans will enjoy the experience. After that, there's the next Metal Gear Solid, the staff of Kojima Productions, and my own future. Thinking about that, the past four years don't seem to have been a long time at all. Our relief is real, so I think we managed to do well.

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