Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Super Robot Wars A Promo Video

Looks great, lots of new sprites and animations (First Gundam looks great). Shin Getter gets a new combo attack with Getter G that looks sick!

Promo on the right

Pre-Order Here:

Screenshots can be found at SRW Hotnews

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Famitsu, 4/18

Super Robot Wars Z (PS2)
Gravion Zwei
Gundam SEED Destiny
Eureka Seven
Overman King Gainer
Z Gundam movies
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger

Scans are out, and I still barely trust this, but.

New Titles
PS2 "Sugar+Spice" summer
PS2 "Scarlet" summer
PS2 "The Romantic Maiden and the Aegis" fall

PSP "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX Tag Force 3" fall
PSP "Higurashi Daybreak" 2008

DS "Dragon Quest Ⅴ" 7/17
DS "Steal Princess" 7/31
DS "Pokemon" 2008

XBOX360 "Samurai Warriors 2 Moshoden DLC" 4/14

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Famitsu, 4/11

Imas is back.

Perfect Prosecutor (DS/Capcom/??)
* A law adventure game where you act as the prosecutor.
* Main characters are Miles Edgeworth, Dick Gumshoe
* You control Edgeworth, searching for overlooked evidence and inconsistencies at the crime scene.
* New search and deduction systems are introduced.

Twilight Syndrome: Legend of the Forbidden City (DS/Spike/7-24)
* New work within the series
* Main character, schoolgirl Mizuki, is led on a chain of horror after receiving a strange chain mail.
* Mizuki: UENO Mami, Riko: HORI Yuri, Reika: SHIHONO Ryo
* Scrolling right and left, you can examine interesting places, checking the truth of rumors

Band Brothers DX (DS/Nintendo/6-26)
* Over 30 tracks chosen from classical and J-pop
* Over 50 different instruments usable
* NES is a usable instrument
* Play guitar by strumming with the pen
* Up to 6-player local jam sessions
* Singing mode with karaoke for both base game and DLC
* Over 100 tracks through DLC

Persona 4 (PS2/Atlus/7-10)
* Inaba, a city surrounded by strange legends. On rainy days, the power cuts at midnight, and if you stare into your television you see your "fated foe"...
* AMAGI Yukiko (vo: KOSHIMIZU Ami) The hero's classmate. Daughter of the Amashiro-ya Inn's landlady. Her persona is Konohana Sakuya.

Wifi 8-Man Battle Bomberman (WiiWare/Hudson/June)
* Miis usable as player characters

Alien Crush (WiiWare/Hudson/August)
* Pinball game first appearing on the PC Engine in '88
* Upgraded graphics

Blue Oasis (WiiWare/Hudson/'08
* Software where you breed fish
* You can watch their movements

We Are Fossil Diggers 8879
Let's Invest DS 6676
Avaricious Empusa 7565

5/29 Infinite Frontier (BanNam)
6/19 Puyo Puyo Special Price (Sega)
6/26 Our Video Game Exam (BanNam)
6/26 Band Brothers DX (Nintendo)
7/24 Twilight Syndrome (Spike)
late July MoeSta~Moemoe Tokyo U English Exam~ (Mirai Shonen)
December Momotaro Dentetsu 20th Anniversary (Hudson)
summer Sangokushi Taisen AMA (Sega)
?? Perfect Prosecutor (Capcom)
?? Glory of Heracles (Nintendo)

6/19 Puyo Puyo Special Price (Sega)
7/24 Infinite Loop (N1)
7/24 Sora no Kiseki the 3rd (Falcom)
?? Higurashi Daybreak Portable (Alchemist)

6/5 Shiren the Wanderer 3 (Sega)
6/19 Puyo Puyo Special Price (Sega)
'08 Battalion Wars VS (Nintendo
?? "Action Game" (BanNam)
?? Soul Eater: Monotone Princess (SE)

5/22 Motorstorm Complete (SCE)
7/3 Initial D Extreme Stage (Sega)
?? "Super Robot series" (Bandai Namco)

5/29 Overlord (Microsoft)

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